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Welcome to EMDR Kent

Through this website we hope to provide not only a central point for anyone studying and practising EMDR in Kent and the surrounding areas but also to provide information for anyone who is interested in learning more about EMDR and its effective use in the treatment of trauma and associated difficulties. As such, we will share information about workshops and other events that may be of interest as well as promoting the formation of Special Interest Groups or EMDR Supervision Groups that support the sharing of information in the effective and safe use of EMDR in practice.

If you are seeking further information around training in EMDR or wish to find an EMDR Practitioner in your local area, please click on the following link where you will find both Accredited EMDR Practitioners in your area via the interactive map or access to Accredited EMDR Training Providers in the UK and Ireland:

If you require any further information about joining us or about attending events or workshops listed, please go to our Contacts page.

GDPR and Privacy Statement:

The purpose of this EMDR Kent website is to publish information about EMDR and about local events and workshops and does not collect or maintain any personal information apart from email addresses of those who have chosen to opt-in to further information about such local events as may be of interest.  No other email addresses are kept and all emails to us are deleted following reply.  Any person who has opted-in to receiving further information can opt-out at any time and their email address will be removed from our list.  Thank you.